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We asked our team what they love about working with HubSpoke, and their feedback resonated deeply with us. we create human connections, instill confidence, and offer invaluable strategic guidance. Those who join our team feel empowered to take control of their consulting career, armed with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions. Most importantly, they experience unwavering support every step of the way.

Joanne Duquette, IT Project Manager

If it wasn't for HubSpoke, I would never be the president of my own corporation! I truly did not think I would ever start my own business and considered myself to be a pretty average manager, with a feisty attitude to go with it. HubSpoke saw talent, skills, experience and personality that I never knew I had. They taught me how to be true to myself in my career choices. I am having great success as an IT Project Manager. HubSpoke continues to check in with me about how the jobs are going, and I know that if I'm not happy where I am, they will very quickly find something more suited to me!

Jeny Alex, Cloud Architect

HubSpoke was able to help me understand the options when I decided to become a consultant, especially since my core skills are technical - not networking, understanding legalese on statements of work and contracts, etc. Not having to figure those areas out has been a huge relief for someone like me, so I can continue doing what I do best. Partnering with HubSpoke has allowed me to have independence in the way I earn and a better quality of life and I am grateful for that.

Ken Osmun, IT Security Specialist

The HubSpoke model provides flexibility and the freedom to choose how you work based on your professional values. Coupled with HubSpoke’s freedom and flexibility is a corporate culture that celebrates the individuals they work with and foster a sense of loyalty which is rare in the current job market. I have been provided with the opportunity and the tools to take control of my career and be supported in my professional growth.

Kristiina Tombler, Proposal Specialist

I was introduced to HubSpoke at a point where I was frustrated with the industry and I approached our initial meeting with nothing to lose. As it turned out, I had plenty to gain! In 2018, I joined the team in a position that has evolved with me and challenged me, providing a respectful environment where my talents are celebrated and my contributions are recognized. It’s been fulfilling to collaborate with colleagues with whom I share a genuine camaraderie and a passion for making a difference. I’ll tell anyone, it’s the best job I’ve ever had!

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We focus on results and encourage work-life balance.

Great Team

The kind of people you want to hang out with outside of work.

Talent Coach

We provide mentorship, thought leadership, and professional coaching.

Career progression

We work together to create a path for achieving career goals.

Professional Development

Tap into technical mentorship and training with our senior SMEs.


We value mentorship, thought leadership, and leading by example.

Custom Incentives

You’re in control of your growth and performance-based compensation.


An environment where everyone’s voice is heard and respected.


You’re entitled to participate in a comprehensive medical and disability insurance group plan


A place where you’ll be part of a close knit team and have the opportunity to build long term relationships and collaborate with like-minded professionals to share ideas, opportunities & industry information, and of course have fun!


  • Workshops
  • Teambuilding/socials
  • Networking events

Expansive Thought

  • Technical mentorship
  • Industry collaboration
  • Professional development

Engaging Camaraderie

  • Authentic connections
  • Fun-filled discussions
  • Community involvement

Be empowered and think big.